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296 E 5th Avenue, Suite #220  
Eugene, OR 97401  

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Unique Sushi Restaurant

Sushi PURE is proud to be the first sushi restaurant in Oregon to serve black rice. This unique rice, combined with our fresh fish and ingredients, create a magical meal that you are sure to love.
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Fresh, Healthy, Delicious [First Black Rice Sushi in Oregon]

Who We Are

Sushi PURE is a sushi restaurant based in Eugene, Oregon. For more than five years, our restaurant has been offering authentic Japanese food in a very romantic atmosphere filled with authentic Japanese artwork and decorations. You'll feel like you are in Japan as you sit around our large saltwater fish tank and enjoy the mouthwatering food, relaxing lounge music, and attractive red, black, and gold motif we provide.

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Contact our sushi restaurant in Eugene, Oregon, at (844) 921-5445 for more information about our current menu.